Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Growing Up Digital Part 3

1. The 3 most important criticisms Don Tapscott makes are:
1) There is no  concrete evidence to support that technology makes kids stupid
2) Students are not paying attention because they can't, it's because they are bored. Teachers need to change the way they lecture students because the "old traditional" method is no longer working.
3) Data and evidence is misleading. According to Tapscott, technology is developing young adolescent brains that are more appropriate for our fast paced, complex world.

2. I agree that we need to change “the relationship between student and teacher in the learning process” because the current method of teaching is no longer attracting the attention of the students. Teachers need to interact and meet the students demands because with all the technology, adolescents learn and grow by interacting and by trial and error. Teachers reading straight out of the textbook or students copying notes are no longer appealing. In today's complex and fast growing planet, adolescents are the only one's who can keep up-to-date and receive numerous sources of information better then most adults and teachers. Teachers must meet the students demands, if they want to keep the attention flowing.

3. The second article we had to read greatly understands the technology, and the way students interact with technology. In this article, there were numerous statistics that defy our generation. Ex. teachers changing their way of teaching to keep students interested is needed because with all this interaction on the internet, adolescents are developing their brain much faster then any previous generation. This article not only understands our generation, but it is directed to those who "think" without any scientific proof, that in fact internet and multitasking is making us stupid. Those who think this are greatly mistaken.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Article Response-Teachers Views on Technology in the Classroom

The video about using IPod touches as an educational tool I believe is a great idea to pursue at Mackenzie. I believe this because the IPod touch has thousands of educational applications such as Shakespeare apps that allow you to understand the symbolism and hidden meaning within each line of Shakespeare's books. English classes would benefit from using this technology because many students have trouble understanding Shakespeare, so with the Shakespeare application students will understand more. Also, students use technology on an hourly basis, so it would be beneficial to the students to use technology because concentration will improve if there is a technological tool to assist students. For this idea to work I believe we would need to just buy the IPod touches and program educational applications onto the IPod that will benefit the student and improve concentration.

The video about connecting your school to another school somewhere else around the world, I believe would be an amazing use of technology. We can connect to other countries; we can study their country's economy by having a one on one conference with another school by using a program called Skype, which allows you to video conference. International business classes, Economy classes and world issues are possible candidates that would greatly benefit from this program. By using this technology they will be able to study and understand a countries economy, history or anything else that will provide the students with knowledge that can not be given from reading a textbook.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Article Response- Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

·  Does technology amplify your personality? I would like to think that it doesn't affect my personality because I don't want technology to control the way I feel or how I develop mentally. I would like to think that I do use technology more than I should, but I do try to limit the amount of technology that I am exposed to so that I am not dependent on technology, and so it doesn't alter my personality.

·  In your own experience, do you think gaming affects your sleep patterns or your ability to retain information? Well, in my opinion I don’t believe it does, I think of games as a way to relax, a hobby that allows me to do the things I like while relaxing from school work. As for if it affects my sleep patterns, I'm not entirely sure, I don't often play games before I go to sleep, but when I do finish playing a game after a few hours I feel the affects on my eyes because they become very dry.
  • Should schools be embracing more technology or do the costs of technology (not just financial costs) outweigh the benefits? Schools should be embracing more technology because in a modern age such as ours, students and everyone are dependent on technology, because at this time, it is the way the world moves. I think schools would be benefiting from integrating more technology into the schools considering that without technology you will be behind on the modern world, so the cost for the benefit of all students shouldn't even be considered even though that some teachers believe that students should stay away from technology at a particular level and focus more on school work. This is why some schools don't want more technology in the school. Students use technology on an hour-to-hour basis. By removing technology from student’s lives, you are putting a road block in front of them, but due to the mass production of technology, students will still keep using technology even if it is not available in schools. So instead of fighting students to use less technology and focus more on schoolwork teachers and students should meet halfway.
  • Are the students in this article a realistic depiction of your life?  Does the writer of the article have a good grasp of technology use among teenagers?  In a sense I can relate to those in the article, but I feel that those mentioned in the article are more dependent on technology than I am, therefore I can relate to them in the sense that I understand why they are dependent on technology. I believe that the writer has a good grasp on technology among teenagers, because he not only offers his points on why technology should be limited to teenagers, he also offers points on why teenagers need technology. The writer benefits both the teenagers and those parents or teachers concerned with students spending more time using technology then focusing on school work, thereby pleasing both sides.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Teacher Placement

1) What did you accomplish last week in your placements?
     Last week Aaron, John and I learnt how to use Diigo and Windows Movie Maker because that is what the teacher we were placed with asked of us. We set up appointments last week to consult Mrs. Elso-Ponzo, but due to some circumstances we couldn’t meet up with her until today, November 1st.
Today, we talked with Mrs. Elso-Ponzo and we learnt on how much she is progressing in her class by incorporating Diigo and windows movie maker. We understood that the students already had some experience with using Diigo, but Mrs. Elso-Ponzo suggested that she would like another tutorial for Diigo since they currently need it for the beginning of their research project that has already been started. Mrs. Elso-Ponzo also has no experience with windows movie maker so our group decided that we would either make a tutorial video for her class or we would personally go during second period and give a quick demonstration on how to use windows movie maker. We also came up with a plan that will be taken place within the next weeks, but Mrs. Elso-Ponzo will give us her final thoughts and suggestions this week on Wednesday November 3rd.

2) What do you need to do this week?
This week we already consulted Mrs. Elso-Ponzo and we are meeting up with her on Wednesday to finalize what she needs for her applied history class. This week my group and I also intend to make a tutorial for windows movie maker and possibly Diigo.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Placement Blog Post

1.       Developing innovative classroom lessons using technology: I’m the best suited person to come up with lesson plans
Finding ways to incorporate technology into existing projects: I am pretty good at coming up with ways to incorporate technology into projects
Designing and developing websites: I have very little experience in web designing
Teaching teachers and students to use technology and software: I am somewhat good at teaching others about technology and how to incorporate it into schools project, and I’m somewhat good at teaching about software programs
Finding online resources for teachers: I am interested in this but I have never done this type of assignment before
Teaching video creation and editing techniques using movie maker: On a previous assignment I had to learn and present to the class about windows movie maker, so I’m experienced and conferrable with working with Windows Movie Maker

2.       Responsibility: 7/10 I think this because I am responsible but at times I am very forgetful
Web Design: 3/10 I have very little experience
Developing action plans: 6/10 I am good at coming up with plans
Teaching other people: 7/10 I am pretty good at teaching others what I know
Meeting deadlines: 8/10 I always meet my deadlines other then the occasional time I can’t meet a deadline

3.       I am conferrable leading a group of students to the point where the numbers aren’t over exaggerated and I have another person with me, I get to shy when I lead alone.

4.       I prefer to work in a group, but with just one another person is also good, but I have a hard time working with a group of students alone

5.       Geography: somewhat comfortable
Media: Not comfortable
Business: very comfortable
English: somewhat comfortable
Biology: not comfortable at all

Pursuing Prezi

I say to pursue my idea because all that is required is the internet so it is very easy to learn the Prezi program. I suggest working with any of the business classes, preferably a business class that does and works more with presentations. As for the teacher I don’t know which teacher specifically teaches the business classes, although if Mr. Stoffman or Mrs .Gram is teaching, any of those 2 would work, or any other business teacher.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Enriching Technology

Idea: Incorporating Prezi into all presentations instead of the traditional basic PowerPoint presentations

Subject Area: All subjects can benefit, however, I believe business classes can benefit the most since they will learn and utilize Prezi into their daily lives based on the amount of technology at their disposal.

Details:  Business classes (or any class) can present their projects using a new flashy and attractive way, discarding the traditional method of presenting using PowerPoint. Prezi is the new way of all presentations that is fun, attractive and more beneficial to you and those watching your presentation

Technology needed: Internet access to download Prezi

Ø  It’s fun to use

Ø  Prezi comes with many attractive features such as zooming or rotating the screen to expand and emphasize your points

Ø   Its new and more beneficial than the traditional PowerPoint

Ø  Your viewers are more intrigued and interested by your presentation


Ø  You need to have access to the internet to create an account on the Prezi website

Ø  You rely your presentation success based on whether or not internet is working

Ø  Takes time to learn how to use Prezi properly

What Needs to Happen to Make the Idea Work – Who is Responsible:

Ø  You need to talk to the teacher first to see if your teacher will allow a presentation method such as Prezi

Ø  You need to have access to internet

Ø    You need to learn how to use Prezi effectively